hertaled EPDM lead alternative is to adhere on virtually any surface. Provided that you use the HERTALAN EPDM adhesive systems.

hertaled EPDM lead substitute

The expanded aluminium part is at least 210 mm. The remaining width is the vulcanized EPDM flashing.

/ Standard rolls have a length of 12 metre.
/ Rolls of 6 metre are available to special order.
/ Widths of 210-450-650 mm.


Accessories, Adhesives & Sealants

The hertalan EPDM strips have to be adhered with a HERTALAN Contact Adhesive and/or HERTALAN Adhesive Sealant. There is also an extensive package of accessories, for this the hertalan easy cover accessories are suitable. Futhermore it is of importance to use a primer on certain substrates.