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Airtight construction with EPDM

The airtightness of the building fabric should meet the requirements set out by the government. Thesedays, the government is pursuing an increasingly strict policy with regard to energy-efficient construction.To meet this objectives, EPDM offers you a helping hand!

Airtight solutions with EPDM strips

An airtight solution can be achieved by using HERTALAN EPDM strips. Because of the clean and textured surface of our EPDM, it is suitable to bond to almost any surface using HERTALAN® EPDM specialist adhesives. Our EPDM strips are quick and easy to install. The strips have a wide range of applications, such as DPC applications in cavity walls, as an air seal around door and window frames, and as a waterproofing layer in curtain walls and facades.

In curtain wall applications, EPDM offers a perfect solution by attachment of EPDM strips between the prefabricated facade element and the connection of the facade to natural and fire breaks in the construction. Airtight connections around wooden or aluminium door and window frames can be easily achieved with EPDM strips.


As a sustainable alternative to plastic DPC`s, HERTALAN EPDM strips can also be used in cavity wall constructions, to form a flexible cavity tray/break. Available in 20 metre long and various widths from 200 up-to 1400mm wide rolls, it can eliminate the problem of multiple overlaps in the DPC thus eliminating the probability of water ingress.  


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Airtight construction: tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made EPDM solutions

Our prefabricated collars are ideal for prefabricated/off-site construction. These bespoke collars have been specially developed to seal any penetrations through the applied membrane areas, such as roof lights, windows, and door frames. Fabricated to the exact size and section of your requirements in our production facility, they are completely airtight and watertight. The collars are made to be fitted around the item to be waterproofed at the client’s assembling facility. The section can then easily and quickly be placed into position on the building.


More information

On our site you will find more information about our EPDM products, you can find a processor or dealer and you will find more information and knowledge about EPDM. Would you like sound advice for your project? Then request advice here. We would love to help you!

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