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Quality, security and ease of processing for roofers

It is known that EPDM roofing is ideally suited as a roof sealing for flat and slightly sloping roofs. EPDM is naturally UV-resistant, does not contain any softeners which emanate from the material and is therefore permanently flexible. Unique product properties that make EPDM roofing membrane last with ease for more than 50 years. These are all fantastic properties, but you will also be given ample attention as a working roofer.


EPDM roofing, for example, offers a high level of ease of installation. Fast and efficient application thanks to the use of prefabricated EPDM membranes. This makes it possible to seal large surfaces in one go. Seam connections are manufactured at the factory and therefore under optimum conditions. This minimises the risk of leaks and significantly increases the productivity of the craftsman.


EPDM roofing can be applied in various systems: loose laying under ballast, partially or fully bonded or in a mechanically fastened system. For each type of system, EPDM roofing should be bonded in the bilge and edge zones.

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Seam connections realised under optimal conditions

Fire-safe working

EPDM roofing is processed without the use of open fire, in accordance with standard NEN6063 (EU standard). This safe way of working often results in a lower premium for a liability insurance (AVB). Because of the fire risk associated with traditional roofing products, many insurers regard the insurance of roofing and roofers as an additional risk

Growing demand for experienced EPDM roofers

The advantages of EPDM roofing compared to traditional roofing are becoming increasingly well known. This also means that the demand for roofers with EPDM experience is growing. Working with our range of roofing systems offers every roofer important advantages, such as savings in labour and material costs. HERTALAN® also has its own training centre, where you, as a roofer, can learn everything about materials and processing. Sharing knowledge is central to us. We share our knowledge with the processors of our products via courses, training courses, processing videos and free downloads on a wide range of subjects.

In our own training centre, you can get to know our complementary product range. We will show you the proven benefits of our EPDM solutions and you will experience what it is like to work with EPDM yourself. The result: You improve your quality standard in the application and thus customer satisfaction - and that pays off.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our EPDM training centre.
Getting the job done together: guidance from acquisition to execution

HERTALAN® is a supplier for the business market and we offer our customers as much extra service and advice as possible. For example, we are able to help during the work preparation and execution of a project, reading the drawings, measuring the roof, calculating the wind load, etc. Moreover, you offer your customers a product of Dutch origin, which has proven itself on all sides.

Non-binding advice/request information