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What is the difference between a contact adhesive und PU adhesive?

Contact Adhesive

This adhesive has to be applied on both the substrate and the EPDM roofing membrane. The connection is established when both bonding surfaces are brought into contact with each other. If the contact adhesive is only applied on one of the parts there will not be an adhesive connection. Hertalan supplies two types of contact adhesive, hertalan ks137 and ks205.


PU Adhesive

This adhesive is applied only onto the substrate. After application the EPDM membrane can be laid into the adhesive once the solvent content has evaporated. Only the central areas of a flat roof can be adhered with a PU adhesive. It is not suitable for use in the installation of details, seaming and edge fixation. PU adhesives come in all shapes and sizes for various applications in the construction industry however only hertalan ks143 is suitable for Hertalan roofing systems.


The choice of adhesive is determined by the type of system that is to be applied, refer to the Hertalan installation guidelines.