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At HERTALAN® you will find a world of sustainable and cost-effective EPDM solutions. We develop and produce the ideal roof systems for every project. Our EPDM films ensure ease of use, are extremely durable and, thanks to that long service life, also cheaper than traditional solutions. The most used EPDM (foil) products from HERTALAN® are:

HERTALAN® EASY COVER - one-piece roof seal
With a special hot bonding technique we connect the homogeneous EPDM roofing sheets to each other from the factory. This membrane technology creates an EPDM roof covering with which you can seal your roof in one go.

HERTALAN® EASY WELD - loose roofing sheets
This system is ideal for the processor who prefers to work from the roofing membrane. During the production process we provide the webs with a UV-resistant, green EW welding strip, creating a watertight connection during processing.

HERTALAN® EPDM strips - airtight seal
The EPDM strip system with which you finish every building in moisture and airtight conditions. To name a few specifications: this product can be fixed on almost any surface, is flexible for a long time and the strips are easy to stick to each other.


What should you pay attention to when choosing a roof or façade system? In our experience a number of things are of great importance for the professional market: price, ease of processing and aesthetic value. We serve a broad target group in which various parties are important to us: architects, contractors, roofers, specifications writers and building owners. The EPDM foil systems from HERTALAN® have a lot to offer to each of these target groups:

✓  The suitability for all traditional roof systems.

✓  Safe processing without open fire (NEN 6050).

✓  Fast processing in a way of your choice (roofing sheets or a complete roofing seal).

✓  The favorable environmental impact factor and the lasting aesthetic because our products are bitumen and root resistant.

✓  The cost-effective and durable lead replacement, even in comparison with other lead substitutes.

✓  The versatility of the EPDM strips to finish every building.


EPDM is not yet as well known as traditional roof and facade systems, but popularity has been growing exponentially in recent years. As a developer and producer, we know all the properties of our films and can provide you with substantiated advice for your project.

Receive advice and / or information without obligation