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Mechanical fixing, without perforating the EPDM

HERTALAN® RhinoBond® is an innovative system for the mechanical fixing of HERTALAN® EASY COVER membranes, which makes it unnecessary to perforate the EPDM roofing membranes.


It is a comprehensive system, whereby the EPDM roofing membranes are fixed to the roof insulation and the roof insulation is fastened to the roof structure. Special pressure distribution plates are used for this, and fixing is achieved by means of induction.


The system consists of HERTALAN® EASY COVER EPDM membranes, RhinoBond® pressure distribution plates (PDP's) and the RhinoBond® induction welding device including weighted magnetic RhinoBond® heat sinks.

  • Even distribution of wind load (field fastening)
  • Can be used in damp, cold weather
  • Can be used in a circular system

The RhinoBond® system offers an efficient and reliable installation method. Because the EPDM roofing membrane is not punctured, there are no areas on the roof where water can penetrate. With the RhinoBond® system, up to 30% less fixing material is used in comparison with traditional systems, subject to the wind load zone and the substrate. As the mechanical fixing is in the main roof membrane, the wind load is better absorbed and evenly distributed over the EPDM membrane. As a result, the load per fixing point is less and the system can handle more wind with less fixing material.


The system reaches its full potential when combined with our HERTALAN® EASY COVER membranes and it's unique benefits which increases the productivity of the  professional roofer.


EPDM roofing often exceeds the lifespan of a building. In that case, a roof covering can therefore be ready for its second life. The HERTALAN® RhinoBond system offers a solution here: an EPDM roof covering that can be easily dismantled and reused.

Product features

Product Features

  • No perforation of the roof covering
  • Even distribution of the wind load
  • Less fastening material needed for mechanical fastening
  • Saving time by using efficient placement of DVPs
  • Suitable for processing at low temperatures and wet weather conditions
  • A proven useful life of more than 50 years (SKZ study)
  • Safe processing without open fire (NEN 6050)
  • Can be dismantled and can therefore be reused (NEN 6063)

Product range


  • Prefabricated EPDM standard membranes with a thickness of 1.20 and 1.50 mm.
  • Specific weight 1.23 kg / m² per mm thickness.
  • Available in the widths 2.80-3.50-4.20-5.60-7.00-8.40-9.80-11.20 m.


  • Membrane to be made to any desired size.
  • Specific weight 1.23 kg / m² per mm thickness.
  • Available in thicknesses of 1.20-1.50-2.00 mm.


  • RhinoBond® Induction device
  • Pressure distribution plate
  • Pressure distribution plate with thread safe grommet
  • Protective plate




EPDM circular roofing contributes to the realization of the LINQ project in Dubai.

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