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With HERTALAN® EPDM Strips, HERTALAN® has a Damp Proof Membranes System in which you can make all structures damp-, water- and windproof. HERTALAN®EPDM strips is an EPDM system for sealing applications. This Damp Proof Membranes System can be used for waterproofing roof gutters, cavity wall structures, conduits and window frames quickly and effective against leaks and moisture penetration. It can be attached to virtually any substrate, it has an exceptionally long life cycle, is very environmentally-friendly, stays flexible, can be recycled and is easily adhered to numerous surfaces. Also, this versatile product is completely resistant to acid rain.

With HERTALAN® EPDM Strips you opt for quality, flexibility and convenience. Thanks to our comprehensive adhesive system and the textured surface of the EPDM sheet it can be attached on virtually any surface. That makes  HERTALAN® EPDM Strips the ideal solution for Damp Proof Course (DPC) applications in e.g. cavity walls, around window frames and in curtain walls.


In a curtain wall constructions HERTALAN® EPDM Strips are applied between the prefabricated panels and connections of the façade element on the first floor. For wooden and aluminium frames HERTALAN® EPDM Stripsstrips are used as loose strips or as completely prefabricated frameworks. In cavity wall constructions and dormers as an alternative to lead. All these joints and seams are connections with HERTALAN® EPDM Strips to an optimum wind and waterproof surfaces.


HERTALAN® EPDM Strips are ideal for the renovation and new construction of gutters. When renovating zinc gutters hertalan EPDM strips are easy to apply. The substrate must be suitably prepared and then Damp Proof Membrane Systeme can be adhered with the HERTALAN® contact adhesive. Prefab roof drains and corners ensure easy waterproofing of details.


Nowadays in new gutter construction the quality of the timber is reduced. If you then apply a new 'cold' zinc gutter, it will cause condensation underneath it. The combination of cheap timber and condensation is not good. As a result, the life span of the gutter can be shortened considerably. HERTALAN® EPDM Strips offers a solution: The gutter is fully adhered with HERTALAN® EPDM Strips for long life and a zinc bead for the aesthetic view.


With HERTALAN® EPDM Strips you opt for quality, flexibility and convenience. You can work on virtually any substrate. That makes HERTALAN® EPDM Strips the ideal solution for Damp Proof Course applications in cavity walls, around window frames and in curtain walls.


Quality aspects

 Long service life  Environmentally friendly
  Suitable as replacement for traditional DPC foil  ecologically responsible
 Easy attachment on almost any surface  NIBE reviewed
 Significant Return on Investment  Lightweight
 Minimal maintenance  Quick application rolls of 20 metres
 Suitable for use in complex construction details  Complementary range of accessories for simple processing
 Flexible and convenience in processing  Available in several standard widths
 Completely resistant to acid rain  Ideal for gutter applications


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